Identification of network biomarkers to predict personalized in-vivo Th2 responses of individual patients with allergy

Human individuals show great variance in both innate and adaptive immune responses following immune stimuli (Delhalle et al, 2018). However, little is known about which and how molecular subnetworks quantitatively control the immune response potential. Such knowledge would generate a huge impact and have far-reaching consequences for shaping individual immune responses to vaccinations,antigen-specific immunotherapies (IT) and many other immune-dysregulation associated diseases. Until now, no predictive biomarkers of clinical efficacy of vaccinations or antigen-specific immunotherapies have been established. In this project, we will identify gene subnetworks which can predict the activation potential of CD4+ T cells in vivo from transcriptome of sorted CD4+ T cell subsets, and of certain sub-types of innate immune cells (NK cells) and of antigen-specific B cells of patients before the commencement of standard IT treatments. In the first step of the project we will develop a systems-biology strategy to quantitatively predict the immune response potential of individual patients with particular forms of allergic diseases within a clinical trial.


FNR PRIDE, PMC (Personalized Medicine Consortium), EAACI long-term fellowship